DRIVERS FOR OUR ESCORTED RIDES AND GROCERY PICK PROGRAM - Do you have spare time that you would like to use to help seniors in need of transportation? We are looking for capable people willing to donate a few hours a week of their time. Many seniors can no longer drive or have difficulty navigating transit (bus), and would greatly appreciate transportation to and from appointments, shopping, and various other engagements. 
Drivers will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses. As well, you will have the opportunity to participate in volunteer appreciation events and receive a letter of reference upon request.

COUNCIL BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED - Representatives from the community, agencies, and churches (operating, working, or living in the BSRC catchment area) to sit on an advisory board or our board of directors to ensure the concerns of seniors who live independently in the community are heard. Please join us at a Council meeting to see what we’re all about.

YARD MAINTENANCE VOLUNTEERS - Snow removal and year-round yard work can be difficult for many older adults in the community. We are looking for volunteers to assist older adults by shoveling snow within a day or two after a snowfall during the winter months. Yard work such as raking leaves, lawn mowing and some weeding are the tasks needed during the warmer months.
To enquire about these community volunteer opportunities and other opportunities with the Broadway Seniors Resource Council, Inc., please call (204) 772-3533 or email us at broadwayseniors@gmail.com.

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